Eptisa offers the following specialized services in the field of development cooperation

Technical assistance: Provision of services "on-the-ground" to carry out different activities such as:

  • Consultancy / management / co-management / coordination of projects, programmes or activities.
  • Transfer of know-how in technical specialities.
  • Economic management/administration of projects and programmes.
  • Formation of partnerships, creation of networks
  • Strengthening of institutional capabilities.
  • Methodology of analysis and project design.
  • Cooperation strategies.
  • Transverse aspects of cooperation.
  • Project identification, formulation and assessment.
  • Monitoring and assessment systems

Studies: Production of studies/reports related with the various phases of the project cycle:

  • Institutional diagnostics
  • Identification / pre-feasibility studies.
  • Formulation / feasibility studies.
  • Socio-economic studies.
  • Operating plans for projects / programmes.
  • Sector studies.
  • Technical studies.
  • Project / programme assessment studies.
  • General assessment studies (by sector or geographic zone) of cooperation
  • Public-private partnership studies.
  • Direct foreign investment studies

Training: The following activities:

  • Design of training plans.
  • Management of inverse training plans.
  • Training plans in different technical specialities.
  • Training in development aid projects.
  • Training in development methodologies.
  • Training in cooperation project management.
  • Training in financial and economic analysis of projects.
  • Training in sector-wide approaches (SWAps).
  • Training in budget aid.
  • Sector-specific training