Instrumentation and monitoring

Eptisa leads technological development for control of infrastructures

Eptisa is a specialist in the integration of Turnkey control systems, adding the latest technology, offering services from project design to manufacture, supply, commissioning and maintenance. In Infrastructures we are specialists in civil engineering and urban works control systems in geotechnical applications. We have worked on auscultation and monitoring of the most important tunnels, slopes and embankments in civil engineering, especially for railways.

In urban works, we offer auscultation services for metropolitan tunnels, sewers and drains in cities like Madrid, for example, for the covering of the high-speed railway line between the subway stations of Atocha and Chamartín. We also offer control systems for screened zones and monitoring of affected areas. In dynamic test systems, we have control systems for load tests on structures and foundations, as well as auscultation and monitoring of structures and buildings during rehabilitation. On site, we offer a noise and vibration control system.

Eptisa offers its experience in hydraulic works. We are experts in the auscultation and monitoring of large dams from the construction phase to filling and subsequent operation. Eptisa has developed seismic control networks, as well as structural and functional control of discharge pipes. We are experts in dam maintenance and surveillance: auscultation, electrical systems, mechanical or hydraulic systems.

The application of new technologies and innovation in instrumentation and year-round control systems are the key to our solutions. For example, the installation of the distributed optical fiber system for control of continuous deformations in tunnels for the Spanish rail operator, ADIF. This year, the system has been operated in the tunnel of the Hospitalet - La Torrassa section of the Madrid - Saragossa - Barcelona - French Border high-speed railway line. This pioneering system places Eptisa at the forefront of technological companies for the monitoring of railway infrastructures.



Our services are based on a policy of strategic alliances with leading companies in the sector integrating the best products, to offer the best solution to customer needs.