Eptisa is involved in the large railway infrastructure projects

Eptisa is one of the pioneering engineering companies in High-Speed Railways projects. Our activity began on the Madrid - Seville line. Since then we have taken part in the preparation of the designs and construction supervision of the main railways projects in Spain, but also in significant railways projects in Europe and some developing countries such as Turkey, Macedonia and Algeria.

It should also be pointed that, as well as railways projects related with High-Speed services, Eptisa collaborated with numerous projects related to various infrastructures, including:

  • Upgrading of current conventional lines to High-Speed Lines
  • Track relaying of conventional lines
  • Track doubling on conventional lines
  • Construction of new regional lines
  • Metro & Tram lines
  • Light rail lines
  • Removal of level crossings
  • Passenger stations

With our continuing effort to always be on top of the latest advances in information technology, Eptisa has reinforced its leadership in the sector by bringing high added value to our projects, combining experience and innovation, and offering the best available hardware, software and communications tools to enhance the company’s services.

The application of new technologies and innovation in instrumentation and year-round control systems are the key to our solutions. We have worked on auscultation and monitoring of the most important tunnels, viaducts, slopes and embankments.

Our pioneering distributed optical fiber system for control of continuous deformations in tunnels places Eptisa at the forefront of technological companies for the monitoring of railway infrastructures.

Specialized services for Transport

  • Studies and designs for platforms, superstructures, electrification and signage
  • Feasibility studies
  • Traffic, demand and profitability forecast studies
  • Basic designs
  • Construction designs
  • Geotechnical, environmental and hydrogeological studies
  • Technical assistance to project planning
  • Quality and control plans
  • Instrumentation and measurements