Water and Environment

Eptisa collaborates with the administration on hydrological and environmental plans to improve management of natural resources

Eptisa offers engineering services from preparation of the project plan, to execution, technical assistance to works and operation of the hydraulic infrastructure in both Spain and the international market. We are working with the public administration to improve wastewater treatment and guarantee its supply to the public.

We participate in the most important hydrological plans both in Spain and abroad, offering consulting, engineering services, technical assistance, studies and planning support, always using the latest technology.

Eptisa takes part in the development and improvement of these infrastructures, working with town councils and municipal water supply utilities on both their development and preliminary design and on their construction or supervision to improve urban service management.

We also offer optimum solutions to environmental problems, offering extensive experience in steering plans for river recuperation and institutional strengthening plans in the fields of environmental legislation, management and control.

Eptisa's experience in solid urban waste management is extensive, we have carried out multiple projects both in Spain and abroad (Bulgaria, Brazil, Turkey, etc.) in the fields of transport, organization, compacting, design and construction of landfills, and provide technical assistance in the various fields of solid waste management.