Hydrological Planning

Eptisa participates in some of the most important projects offering consultancy and engineering services, technical assistance, studies and planning support

Eptisa offers specialist services for the development of hydrological plans and framework programmes for water resources management both in Spain and abroad.

For management of the Water Resource and Hydrological and Hydrogeological Planning we have the know-how and management capability combined with the latest information technologies, as shown by our experience.

Specialized services for Water and Environment

Hydraulic Public Domain Management

  • Flood management
  • River and river-bed projects. DPH
  • Discharge management and water quality
  • Hydraulic mathematical models

Hydrological Planning

  • Management of Drainage Basin Resources
  • Feasibility and planning of Water Supplies and Drainage
  • Water Framework Directive Studies
  • Hydrological mathematical models


  • Evaluation of Groundwater Bodies
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Mathematical modelling: Hydrogeology
  • Control network management
  • Processing of procedures