Solid waste

Specialists in solution for reducing environmental impact

Eptisa can offer a complete range of services in the sector of solid waste to the highest standards and in compliance with the environmental legislations.

Our experience in solid urban waste management is extensive. We have carried out multiple projects in the fields of transport, organization, compacting, design and construction of landfills, and provide technical assistance in the various fields of solid waste management.

Specialized services for Water and Environment

Waste Management Planning

  • Technical assistance for Integrated Waste Management Systems
  • Municipal waste management planning
  • Industrial waste management planning
  • Strategies for both regional and urban waste management
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building

Construction of Waste Facilities

  • Landfills - Construction, sealing, and closure; Environmental supervision plans for landfills
  • Turnkey projects for waste treatment installations for hazardous, non-hazardous and inert waste
  • Construction of waste treatment installations (transfer, sorting, selection, biomethanization, biological and mechanical treatment, incineration, etc.)
  • Leachate treatment plants
  • Waste compactation plants
  • Energy recovery plants

Waste Minimisation Studies & Permits

  • Scenarios for recycling methods and facilities
  • Industrial safety and sustainability studies
  • Permits for waste management installations (Integrated Environmental permits, Environmental Impact Assessments, Handler/producer waste permits, annual declarations, etc.)
  • Formulation of Investment Plans