Eptisa will strengthen the monitoring and management functions in the field of energy of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and the Environmental Protection Agency in Kosovo*

December 29 2014

The recently awarded contract, financed by the IBRD/IDA, aims at providing capacity building activities in the field of energy to the staff of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the environmental inspectorates in Kosovo. It will also offer technical assistance in the review process for Environmental Impact Assessments, in the approval of permits, and in the monitoring requirements for power plants and mines

End-of-Inception Phase Workshop of the Project Preparatory Technical Assistance for the Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin in Tajikistan

December 15 2014

The objectives of the End-of-Inception Phase Workshop were to present the Inception Report and to discuss the main findings and conclusions of the Inception Phase

Eptisa attended the seminar "Energy Sector in EU External Aid Programs" held in Brussels

December 09 2014

Experts and representatives went through the latest developments, novelties and different instruments of the European Energy Policy

Eptisa will provide technical assistance services for the monitoring of the Support Programme to the National Literacy Strategy –Phase II implementation in Morocco

December 01 2014

The technical assistance project will last 26 months and involves the performance of monitoring and support missions to achieve the aims of the programme

Eptisa will provide supervision services for the construction of a wastewater treatment plant and the associated sewerage systems in Čakovec, Croatia

November 24 2014

The upgraded sewerage and treatment facilities will serve the population of Čakovec, both the county seat and the largest city of Međimurje County, leading to a more efficient protection of the water resources in the area

By-law on Strategic Environmental Assessment project soon implemented in Turkey

November 17 2014

This TA is mainly devoted to support the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in creation of legal, institutional, administrative, technical conditions for full and effective implementation of the EU Directive 2001/42/EC on Strategic Environmental Assessment

The consortium formed by IControlt and Open Systems and Eptisa will develop and implement the cadastral, commercial and geographic information system for the management of users of the INAPA's drinking water supply and sanitation network in Dominican Republic

November 12 2014

The project is aimed to improve the INAPA's commercial, operative and administrative management which will result in the improvement of the user’s service quality

Eptisa achieves the first place in Top 100 Design Construction Companies in Romania

November 04 2014

In the last five years Eptisa has appeared as one of the Top 10 companies in this classification

Eptisa participates in the inception workshop of the Project Preparatory Technical Assistance for the Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

November 03 2014

The objectives of the Inception Workshop are to present the project, its purpose, scope of the work and proposed work plan to key stakeholders

Eptisa will carry out the Sanitation and Drainage Master Plan of the right bank of the Guadalmedina River in Malaga, Spain

October 27 2014

The project will last 11 months and cover approximately 1,600 hectares

Eptisa maintains its support to the Government of Guatemala after the approval of a new initiative in support of Public Financial Management reform

October 20 2014

In the frame of the Regional Medium-Term Expenditure Framework project, the Eptisa-led Consortium will provide Technical Assistance services to the Guatemalan Administration

Eptisa will carry out the design, construction and commissioning of the drinking water treatment plant of Fez and Meknes in Morocco

October 13 2014

The plant will have a capacity of 2,000 l/s and will supply the Fez and Meknes municipalities

Eptisa will carry out the detailed design and tender documents for the construction of the Rositas Hydropower Plant in Bolivia

October 07 2014

The dam will be 156 meters high, with a crest length of 655 meters and a 13,300 hm3 capacity reservoir

Eptisa will support the Public Health Engineering Department of the Jammu and Kashmir regions in India with their water sector reforms

September 30 2014

The overall objective is to improve the service levels, operational efficiency and financial sustainability of water supply operations

Eptisa will carry out an Options Study of South Caloocan, Malabon and Navotas Sewerage System in Philippines

September 22 2014

The objective of the present study is to identify and assess the different sewage treatment and collection options to help in the reduction of pollution in Manila Bay