Eptisa carries out new technical assistance projects in four Spanish airports

Eptisa is carrying out three technical assistance projects and one optimization study in Barcelona, Lanzarote, Madrid-Barajas and Palma de Mallorca Airports.

February 06, 2012

The first project carried out by Eptisa consists of technical assistance for the environmental quality system maintenance in the Lanzarote Airport.

The aim is to provide technical support to the current staff for the management of the Quality Management System (QMS) and fulfil the Integrated Quality and Environmental System of Aena. Eptisa has prepared and implemented the Environmental Monitoring and Control Program of both the companies and dealers that carry out their activities in the airport and all facilities and constructions.

In addition Eptisa will provide energy efficiency measures to improve the facilities, will prepare audits and advise the employees responsible for quality and environmental monitoring.

The second technical assistance is carried out to improve the management of facilities and electrical works of the energy department in the Barcelona Airport. Among other activities, Eptisa will undertake the construction design revision; quantitative, geometric, temporal and quality control of the activities; the coordination of health and safety during the works execution; the monitoring of environmental and operative conditions of the Airport.

The last technical assistance is carrying out in Palma de Mallorca Airport for the drawing up of the construction design for the replacement of transformers and beaconing material in the 06L-24R runway. The project included all the required aspects for updating the deficient or obsolete materials of the visual aid systems corresponding to the 06L-24R runaway, the taxiways and the holding area for the entry and exit to this runway, and the North side of the LINK road.

Eptisa is also preparing a study on operation optimization of the bilge plant in the Madrid-Barajas Airport, and a proposal and a project with the required actions to improve the operation of the plant through the adaptation of the effluent to the current legislation.

 Eptisa carries out new technical assistance projects in four Spanish airports