Eptisa has been awarded a new project in Albania - "Supervision services for roads reconstruction" as a part of Regional and Local Roads Connectivity Project (RLRCP)

For the next 3 years Eptisa will provide the supervision of three or more adjacent road works contracts, based on the available designs and bidding documents.

May 21, 2020

The Eptisa team will provide both overall management and also supervision of the works contracts for our client Albanian Development Fund.

The Project will generate a considerable number of socio-economic and environmental benefits, such as: a) improved road accessibility; b) availability of more frequent transport services at reduced transport costs and travel times; c) increased access to local and regional market to sell local products; d) reduced the unemployment in the area through the creation of new jobs and intensification of existing economic activities; e) diversified local economy through eco-tourism activities promotion; f) increased employment and income opportunities for the local population; g) improved social interaction and access to the social, sportive and cultural activities; h) the reduction of families living under the poverty line and (j) the improvement of the quality of basic services.

This service contract is related to the construction of 3 road segments. The first two road segments are located in Fier and Shkoder region. Meanwhile the third road segment is not specified yet.

1. Qafe Thore – Theth Road.

Rehabilitation and Construction Works of Qafe Thore – Theth Road road. This first road is located on the northern-eastern part of Shkodra City and it connects the city to Theth village, one of the main touristic attractions located in the Albanian Alps. The road passes on a rough mountainous terrain, with elevation changes from 700m to 1600m. The road has a length of 16.5 km and actually is in very poor conditions. This is a much amortized curvy gravel road, which most of the times is impassable during the winter. There is no asphalt layer and the surface is very damaged, with clogged drainage channels from vegetation and silt materials, washed out culverts, heavy scour and erosion and areas with falling rocks. As far as safety goes the road has little to no signs, creating a hazardous trip for all road users. The road is mostly single lane with high slopes through low visibility curves.

2. Rehabilitation and construction of Fier – Seman road.

This second road starts from the western boarder of Fieri city and end in the cost of Seman. The road is in poor condition as the asphaltic layers are damaged. The road has not horizontal curves and is laid in a totally flat terrain. The road is 18.1 km long. Due to the poor subgrade bearing capacity the surface of the road presents big undulations which some time may lead to loose of alignment. Although the road is highly frequented form pedestrian and bicycles, there are not in any place sidewalks or bicycle lanes. All the road users pass in the carriageway jeopardizing their lives. There is signalization on the segment but there are no guardrails or other safety measurements implemented in urban areas. This segments transvers also the Fieri By pass and will serve as entrance to the city.

3. Rehabilitation of the third road segment.

This road is not yet specified. It is foreseen that this road will start implementation during January 2020. Taking in consideration the nature and magnitude of the other invested segment, it is prior accepted a construction period of 12 months and 24 months defect liability period. The nature and complexity of the works will be similar to Seman road and Theth road with no special indications for specific works. The location of this segment is not yet specified but the consultant should take in consideration that the distance from their main office and the man inputs will be approximately the same as the other two roads. The consultant should be confident to estimate the remuneration and reimbursable similar with the other two roads. Nevertheless, the man months of the service will be recalculated after the accurate time estimation of this segment.

The work covers complete transformation on this axis and the Services of Eptisa will comprise:

1. Inception Phase: This period will include a design review and possible modifications or adjustment of the design in accordance with the terrain conditions. The inception phase will start immediately after the Contract signature and will last up to one month after it.

2. Construction Phase: During this phase Eptisa will perform his main activities which will consist in everyday supervision, approval of materials, modifications, cost control, time control, reporting etc. This task will be performed during all construction period of 18 months.

3. Defects Liability Period: During this period Eptisa will pay periodic site visits to evaluate the performance of the completed works, give additional instructions or advice on repairs or modifications of the works. Maintenance activity should be also inspected and reported. The Defects Liability Period will be valid for 24 months.

 Eptisa has been awarded a new project in Albania -