Eptisa provides consultancy services for the upgrading of Maynilad's wastewater facilities in the Philippines

The objectives of this study are to determine the optimal solution on how these STPs will comply with the DAO 2016-08 General Effluent Standards

June 28, 2018

Maynilad Water Services Inc., the water and wastewater services provider for the 17 cities and municipalities that comprise the West Zone of the Metropolitan Manila area, has awarded Eptisa its third consultancy service project with the concessionaire, which started on January 2018. In this new contract, Eptisa will conduct studies and provide recommendations that will ensure the compliance of sewage treatment plants (STP) to the Department Administrative Order No. 2016-18 (DAO 2016-18), Water Quality Guidelines and General Effluent Standards of 2016.

The DAO 2016-18 issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) are new and stricter regulations providing better effluent quality by serving as the platform for taking positive actions in preventing, controlling, or abating water pollution. With its implementation, there has been a need to improve the quality of the effluent treated in STPs by adopting biological treatment for nutrient removal, new sludge management units and disinfection, as well as several auxiliary units.

Currently, Eptisa is assessing and evaluating the capability of Maynilad’s 17 operating STPs that were designed and developed in compliance with the previous general effluent standards. At the same time, two under construction STPs are also being evaluated to ensure its compliance with the DAO 2016-18.

In order for Maynilad to comply with the new standards within the five-year grace period provided by DENR, Eptisa is providing its technical expertise to determine how upgrades of STPs will be implemented through an Optioneering and Evaluation Study. The objective of this study is to determine the optimal solution on how the STPs will comply with the new effluents standards.

Once Eptisa has finished its study, a workshop will be held to present the results that will determine the appropriate upgrading scheme (Operational Adjustments, Minor Works, and Major Works) to be implemented. These three upgrading schemes require Eptisa to carry out different level of outputs, such as process changes for Operational Adjustments, detailed engineering design for Minor Works, and Concept design and D&B tender documents for the implementation of the works for Major Works.

Eptisa is becoming a reference in the wastewater sector in the Philippines. The experience and technical service it can provide is essential in the increasing water pollution problem in the country.

 Eptisa provides consultancy services for the upgrading of Maynilad's wastewater facilities in the Philippines