Eptisa receives the recognition of Ibermutuamur for its 25 years of trust

The event, attended by over 30 people, was held to recognize the fidelity and permanence of the multinational engineering, among other companies

January 15, 2018

Ibermutuamur, a mutual insurance company collaborating with the Spanish Social Security, has recognized the multinational engineering company Eptisa for its 25 years of trust in an act attended by more than 30 people.

The meeting included the intervention of Mr. Carlos Santos García, Deputy General Director of Ibermutuamur, and Ms. Ángeles Sánchez Losa, Executive Director of Management Support of Ibermutuamur. It was held to recognize the multinational engineering Eptisa, among other companies, which has been a faithful partner of the mutual insurance company for more than 25 years. On behalf of Eptisa the HR Manager, José Luis Jiménez, was present at the event, and he was in charge of receiving the plaque accrediting the recognition. José Luis himself would recognize that "this moment is another example of the excellent relationship between Ibermutuamur and Eptisa. We are proud to have Ibermutuamur’s support and we greatly appreciate this recognition".

Ibermutuamur, whose management began in 1926, is the result of the integration of several provincial and regional mutual societies, and has become one of the first mutual insurance companies in Spain. It has an assistance network of 100 own centers and more than 1,000 agreements distributed throughout the country and covers about 140,000 companies and more than 1.1 million workers.

Ibermutuamur is "proud to have associated companies, consultancies and professional collaborating offices for such a prolonged period of time. For us, their fidelity and permanence are the best recognition of the service we have been providing them".

 Eptisa receives the recognition of Ibermutuamur for its 25 years of trust