Eptisa signed a major new contract with Koridori Srbije d.o.o

Corridor X Highway project, Supervision services.

May 18, 2020

More than 30 of our most experienced engineers and experts will, for the next 3 years, manage and supervise 9 works contracts spread across the Republic of Serbia, from Hungarian border in the north to border with Bulgaria in the southeast part of the country.

The works will include rehabilitation and construction of over 110 km of highway and state roads, 3 highway interchanges, administrative buildings and regional control center in the city of Nis.

The Consultant shall provide the following services:

1. Advising and supporting the Client on the administration of the works Contracts with due diligence and care making sure the Client’s obligations outlined in the Project’s Financing documents (such as Loan and Project Agreements, etc) are well catered for.

2. Carrying out the duties of the Engineer assigned to him/her in the Contracts which will use FIDIC as General Contract Conditions (Red and / or Pink and / or Yellow Books). The Consultant shall exercise the authority attributable to the Engineer, as specified in or necessarily implied from the Contracts, to ensure timely, satisfactory completion of the Works in accordance with the Contracts, the EBRD Environmental and Social Performance Requirements (PRs), the Project Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP) and local legislation and regulations concerning inter alia construction, supervision, civil works quality control and environmental protection.

The Consultant shall perform the following main tasks:

1. Overall project management support as required;

2. Review and approval of the Design for Construction (Projekat za izvodjenje - PZI);

3. Administration of contract implementation including works supervision and,

4. Assistance in all environmental and social (E&S) aspects.

5. Arrangement of timely disbursements under the contracts.

 Eptisa signed a major new contract with Koridori Srbije d.o.o