Eptisa signs a new contract in Croatia to upgrade the Sisak water supply system

The project is funded by the EU-IPA and the EBRD and will be implemented until September 2018

January 10, 2017

Eptisa signed a new contract named “Sisak Water II” with the Croatian water operator Sisački Vodovod d.o.o. aimed to carry out project preparation, design, procurement support and contract supervision to upgrade the Sisak water supply system at the end of 2016.

The project, which will last until September 2018, is funded by the EU-IPA and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

More specifically, the purpose of this contract is:

  • To determine state of existing situation of Sisak water supply system and to make forecast of needs for replacement and upgrade of system parts based on existing documentation and detection procedures.
  • To prepare detailed technical description of water supply system current state.
  • To form and prepare mathematical hydraulic model of Sisak water supply system of current situation through definition of elevation nodal points and facilities, processing information in application for hydraulic modelling, measurement of pressure and flow in system regarding water losses, determination of spatial water distribution and preparation of algorithms for certain facilities.
  • To achieve optimisation of works on current and future state of development of water supply system through identifying deficiencies of system and proposing priorities of works.
  • To give 2 long term and 2 short term technically feasible solutions for water supply system improvement that serve as a base for optimal variant for the system.
  • To define the most cost effective way of improvement of water supply system through production of Cost-Benefit analysis.
  • To provide technical assistance during short-term improvement works on water supply system.

During the implementation of the project it is expected to achieve the following results:

  • A report including detailed identification and analysis of existing Sisak water supply system.
  • Variant concepts of improvement solutions for water system development based on produced hydraulic model and current state of the system.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of proposed investments prepared.
  • Technical assistance provided for Tender documentation preparation of proposed improvement works.

Eptisa continues the successful implementation of this project, which has a team composed of 11 international and national experts with significant experience in water supply systems. It is fully managed by Eptisa Adria office in Zagreb.

 Eptisa signs a new contract in Croatia to upgrade the Sisak water supply system