Eptisa starts monitoring the Júcar Basin Management Plan

The project, lasting 18 months, will be implemented in order to comply with the Spanish Water Planning Regulation

September 26, 2016

In the field of Hydrological Planning, Eptisa has received the award of a new contract from the Júcar Basin Authority, aimed to monitor their Basin Management Plan and comply with the provisions of the Spanish Water Planning Regulation.

The work will last 18 months and is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Determination of the evolution of water resources and their quality;
  • Analysis of the evolution of water uses and demands;
  • Monitoring circulating flows and degree of compliance with environmental flow regime;
  • Monitoring the status of surface water bodies;
  • Development of the implementation of the program of measures;
  • Updating the Register of Protected Areas;
  • Cost of water services and impact to different users;
  • Situations of temporary deterioration.

Eptisa will draw two Annual Monitoring Reports, corresponding to the hydrological years 2015/2016 and 2016/2017, in which the degree of compliance with the current 2016/2021 Júcar Basin Management Plan will be analyzed.

 Eptisa starts monitoring the Júcar Basin Management Plan