Eptisa will carry out the second turnkey project in Romania

Eptisa, in consortium with Aqualia Infraestructuras, has been awarded a new turnkey project entitled "Extension and rehabilitation of the water and waste systems in Medias, Agnita and Dumbraveni regions, within Sibiu County" in Romania

October 25, 2010

Currently, the Agnita and Dumbraveni Romanian regions do not have wastewater treatment plants. In order to improve the water quality, the level for sludge management as well as for delivering affordable sewer services, has been identified the need to design and build new treatment plants in accordance with the EU directives for protection of the environment.

To achieve these objectives, the consortium formed by Eptisa and Aqualia Infraestructuras, has been awarded the project for the "Expansion and rehabilitation of water systems and waste Sox, and Dumbraveni Agnita, in Sibiu County" with 36 months of duration. During the first place, will be carry out the technical, structural and architectural design as well as necessary permits issue and during the construction phase, the new treatment plants will be built in Agnita (for an equivalent population of 9500 inhabitants) and Dumbraveni (for an equivalent population of 7100 inhabitants).

These plants will have two treatment phases: mechanical and biological. Both plants will develop modern wastewater treatment procedures and will be equipped with a fully automat system which will be connected to the SCADA system in order to allow operation, control and monitoring of the treatment process. Both also will have water-meters, laboratories and sludge detection equipments.

Moreover, operational personnel will be trained to the management, operation and maintenance of the new plant for reaching optimum operation parameters.

Once again, thanks to this project, Eptisa is recognized as one of the leading companies in water engineering in Romania. Since 2000 it worked with 10 regional water operators throughout the country on design, supervision and project management of water and wastewater infrastructure works in projects with EU funding.
 Eptisa will carry out the second turnkey project in Romania