Eptisa will carry out the site supervision of Elorrio-Atxondo section of the High-Speed Railway Line Vitoria/Gasteiz-Bilbao-San Sebastian

The contract has a budget over 2 million Euros

January 24, 2012

Eptisa, in a Joint Venture with Eurocontrol, has been awarded by the Spanish Railway Infrastructure Authority (ADIF) a contract of technical assistance for the supervision of the works of Elorrrio-Atxondo section of the High-Speed Railway Vitoria/Gasteiz-Bilbao-San Sebastian (platform), with a budget of € 2,004,192.91.

The section runs wholly through the municipality of Elorrio with a total length of 2.6 kilometres. The project plans the construction of the Kinatoi viaduct (880 metres long), the viaduct over the Zabaleta River (320 metres long) and another one over the Larrazabal stream (200 metres long).

Moreover, the project includes the necessary designs for the execution of the infrastructure works, such as earthworks, drainage, structures and utilities relocation, as well as underpasses and overpasses that guarantee the road permeability of the line. Nowadays, ADIF is working in more than 54 kilometres of the 90.8 kilometres platform to complete the layout of the Vitoria-Bilbao branch, entrusted to the Spanish Railway Infrastructure Authority. These kilometres belong to thirteen of the twenty sections in which the execution of the works has been divided for operational reasons.

Characteristics of the HSL

The High-Speed Line Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastian is part of the Priority Project nº 3 of the European Atlantic Railway Axis, continuing with the line Madrid-Valladolid-Vitoria/Gasteiz and extending it to French border.

The layout has been designed for a double track High-Speed Railway with International gauge (1,435 mm.) and will allow traffic of passengers and freight trains (mixed traffic).

The estimated total investment of the new line amounts to € 4,178 million. ADIF is responsible for the construction of the platform between Vitoria/Gasteiz and Bilbao, while the Spanish Government has agreed with the Regional Government of the Basque Country the construction of the Guipuzkoa corridor (Bergara-Irún/San Sebastian). The Spanish Government assumes the High-Speed Railway Line financing.

Main benefits

The new high-speed railway line will allow the high-speed interconnection of the three Basque capitals, improving the capacity and the regularity in the entire route. Also, it will improve the comfort and security thanks to the implementation of advanced technology and the elimination of level crossings along the entire route.

In addition, the new infrastructure will facilitate the establishment of a railway junction in Vitoria-Gasteiz allowing access from the rest of Spain and interconnection with the international network. The travel times between Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao will be of 28 minutes; between Vitoria-Gasteiz and San Sebastian 34 minutes; and 38 minutes between Bilbao and San Sebastian.
 Eptisa will carry out the site supervision of Elorrio-Atxondo section of the High-Speed Railway Line Vitoria/Gasteiz-Bilbao-San Sebastian