Eptisa will provide consultancy services for the construction of a water reclamation facility for central Manila sewerage system

The facility will have a capacity of 140 MLD and its construction will render the wastewater safe for disposal into Manila Bay

September 29, 2017

The Philippine water and wastewater services provider, Maynilad Water Services Inc., awarded Eptisa a new contract to carry out engineering, procurement and construction management services to improve the wastewater service in Manila, enhance the condition of the receiving water bodies and the water quality of Manila Bay.

The Central Manila Sewerage System (CMSS) covers approximately 2,820 hectares, which is the equivalent to approximately 70% of the entire city of Manila. It comprises about 350 km of pipelines, six lift stations located at Sta. Cruz, Legarda, Luneta, Malate, Paco and the Port Area. The network drains to the Tondo Sewage Pumping Plant (TSPP), which is capable of treating the wastewater generated within the catchment using only bar screens and grit removal systems before discharging it to Manila Bay through a 1,800 millimetre - outfall diffuser that is about 3.9 km long from the shore.

In order to meet the effluent standards, a new wastewater treatment plant / water reclamation facility (WRF) with a capacity of 140 million litres per day will be constructed downstream of the TSSP to render the wastewater safe for disposal onto Manila Bay. Furthermore, a new conveyance system to connect the Tondo Plant with the new facility will also be constructed.

This particular contract will cover the first stage of the CMSS project, which specifically involves the construction of the facility and the associated conveyance system from TSPP.

Eptisa will carry out the revision of project assumptions and updating of performance specifications for design of Water Reclamation Facility and Conveyance System; preparation of tender documents and evaluation of proposals, as well as establishment of cost estimate and project schedules.

During construction, Eptisa will provide complete on-site supervision services and head office technical support for all construction contracts until the end of the commissioning period for both the construction of WRF and conveyance system, acting as Maynilad's technical advisor to ensure effective implementation and timely completion of the process proving or guarantee period.

 Eptisa will provide consultancy services for the construction of a water reclamation facility for central Manila sewerage system