New contract to improve wastewater infrastructure in the Municipality of Bucarest in Romania

Eptisa will run this contract for 47 months which aims to improve the wastewater infrastructure in Bucharest through the supervision of the project works and through a better management of works contracts

February 09, 2016

Eptisa has been awarded a new contract to provide technical assistance services for works supervision within the project “Finalization of Glina Wastewater Treatment Plant, rehabilitation of the main sewerage collectors and of Dambovita sewer collector (sewer box)” in Romania.

The general objective of this project is to improve the wastewater sector infrastructure in Bucharest Municipality, in order to accomplish the compliance obligations with the transition arrangements and with the intermediary objectives convened between the European Commission and Romanian Government for the implementation of Directive 91/271 of EC regarding the collection and treatment of the urban wastewaters.

Within this service contract, Eptisa, in association with Konsent, acts as the "Engineer", ensuring effective management of its business and the timely implementation of the works, using for this purpose, effectively all of its necessary resources: financial, logistical and human.

Main activities to be covered during the contract are:

  • Activities during pre-construction phase;
  • Activities during contractors mobilization phase;
  • Activities during construction;
  • Taking-Over at the end of the works phase activities;
  • Defect Notification Period activities;
  • Activities on completion of the works contracts;
  • Checking the projects developed by Entrepreneur;
  • Elaboration of the risk analysis for each works contract;
  • Elaboration of the study regarding the operational risk and other complementary risk analysis
  • Transfer of know-how to PIU staff;

The execution of the works will lead to the reduction of the level of infiltrations from 46% to 26% (from 5.36m3/s to 1.93m3/s); an adequate treatment system of the entire wastewater flow – Qmax = 11.9 m3/s, (Qdry = 8.27 m3/s); and a sustainable solution for processing the entire sludge production.

 New contract to improve wastewater infrastructure in the Municipality of Bucarest in Romania