The works for the drinking water treatment plant of Fès and Meknès in Morocco are in progress

Eptisa is entrusted with the design, construction and commissioning of this 172,800 m3/day plant

June 09, 2016

In 2014 the ONEE (Office National de l'Electricite et de l'Eau Potable) awarded the contract for construction the Fès DWTP to the Consortium composed of Eptisa and GS Inima with a budget of 25.2 million euros. The project includes the design, construction, fitting out and commissioning of this a drinking water treatment plant with capacity for 172,800 m3/day (2,000 l/s).

The water from the Idriss Reservoir will be treated in the plant to achieve the parameters required for human consumption. The treated water will then be conveyed from the plant to the distribution reservoirs in Fès and Meknès.

The detailed engineering of the entire facility including civil works, electromechanical equipment and the auxiliary installation buildings was completed in 2015. The actual construction works began in late 2015 once the plans and machinery had been approved and are expected to finish in October 2017.

The water treatment line of the DWTP consists of a raw water buffer and flow metering chamber, mixing chamber 1, lamella separator, mixing chamber 2, flocculation stage, lamellar clarifiers, sand filters, screening washer, filtered water tank, washing water recovery tank, washing water settling tank, a 20,000 m3 product water reservoir and a product water metering and pumping station.

We are currently constructing the product water reservoir, pumping station, sand filters, separators and clarifiers.

The sludge line consists of a sludge drain, sludge tank, gravity thickening and drying beds.

The reagent line consists of dosing with aluminium sulphate, ferric chloride, polyelectrolyte, lime, chlorine gas, active charcoal and potassium permanganate.

The plant will be completed with drinking water, service water and draining networks, electric power connection, transformer substation, instrumentation and remote control, lighting, building control, site development and enclosure.

The outstanding work performed by the Eptisa team is enabling this project, of great importance to Morocco and to our company, to make satisfactory progress.

 The works for the drinking water treatment plant of Fès and Meknès in Morocco are in progress