The works for upgrading the WWTP of Arroyo del Soto in Spain start

The variation order was signed and the works, which will last for 3 years, have already started

March 16, 2018

Eptisa will implement the Turnkey contract awarded by the Spanish water operator, Canal de Isabel II, to carry out the design and construction for upgrading the WWTP in Arroyo del Soto (municipality of Móstoles, Madrid) according to the National Water Quality Plan. This project will involve an investment of more than € 8 million and will make it possible to adapt this WWTP in the satellite town of Móstoles to the environmental demands.

After obtaining the works license and the signing of the variation order by the City Council of Móstoles, the works have already started and are scheduled to end in March 2021.

The WWTP of Arroyo del Soto, with a flow of 35.000 m3/d, is being retrofitted to comply with Directive 91/271/EEC on urban wastewater treatment, with special reference to nutrient removal. The WWTP maintains the process of active sludge at half load, while the existing biological treatment is being fitted out for the elimination of nitrogen in accordance with the regulations.

The water line consists of screening, intake, roughing canals, de-sanding and de-greasing, primary decanting, biological treatment, chemical phosphorus removal, dosing and storage of methanol and molasses and secondary decanting. The sludge line consists of sludge thickener by flotation and digestion systems. The plant also has buildings, electrical installations and auxiliary facilities.

The greatest difficulty of this installation is that the entire upgrading and extension of existing facilities must be carried out keeping in operation the WWTP.

This means that a detailed analysis of each construction phase has to be carried out taking not only the construction procedures into account but also that the facility had to keep operating hydraulically and functionally, to meet the discharge parameters.

This contract, which will join other "turnkey" projects that are being implemented both in Spain and in other countries, positions us as specialized engineering company in the development of this type of projects.

 The works for upgrading the WWTP of Arroyo del Soto in Spain start