Emergency Management

Solutions, for management of emergencies. They establish information ensuring required levels of safety, interoperability, coordination and availability

Information systems are a very important component in the field of emergencies. These systems provide planning and decision-making help tools in order to protect people, property and critical infrastructure.

Eptisa offers solutions covering all the emergency cycle's needs:

  • Warning and Surveillance
  • Strategic and Operations Planning
  • Force Generation
  • Steering and Tracking
  • Rehabilitation
The most noteworthy functionalities of these solutions include the following:
  • Efficient integration of the data from the affected organizations
  • Risk assessment (personal, infrastructures)
  • Identification and evaluation of risk populations
  • Creation of relief/protection plans
  • Determination of the scope of emergencies
  • Threat propagation ratio estimates
  • Centralized management and coordination
  • Interoperation with civilian authorities
  • Operation logistics
  • Optimization of management of available resources
  • Precise damage assessment
  • Priority management in the rehabilitation stage
  • Simulators

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