fwLogistic - Logistics Optimization

fwLogistic is a framework software component, which allows the integration of functionalities for logistic optimization within the existing ERPs of a company

fwLogistic is a set of software components that implements optimization algorithms based on mathematical models. These components along with specific functions of Geographic Information Systems are viewed as a single application and can be integrated using SOA technology into any existing system in an easy and intuitive way.

Using fwLogistic, you will be able to modify different parameters and quickly know the possible results: improvement in delivery time, reduce distance travelling or visit more customers at the same time. fwLogistic allows to generate different scenarios for problem resolutions and to make best decisions based on solid bases. It quantifies the reality that your enterprise develops, improves the conditions and supply new elements for safe and assertive decision making.

The solution accurately analyzes the variables of logistics management and take the best cost-benefit decision. It reorganizes teams, locations of warehouses, sales points or routes. You can try different scenarios to raise and secure your investment with real data.

Also, by using fwLogistic, you will be able to improve your environmental management, generating operative savings, achieving the vehicle fleet to consume less fuel thus reducing gas emission and saving on tires.

fwLogistic allows your company to save up to 40% on operative costs, in addition to recover the investment in less than 6 months, according to our customers.

Scenarios of Usage:

  • Distribution and/or collection in general
  • Technical support, mail distribution, ambulance, car service
  • People transportation
  • Flight planning
  • Vehicle monitoring (spatial and sensor alerts)
  • Tourist POIs routing
  • Schedule
  • Disaster Management

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