Road Management System

Technology solution for the treatment and professional management for roads

ROMA Road Management System is the most comprehensive technological solution for the treatment and professional management of the information related to linear infrastructures, due to its advanced visualization, editing, consulting, management and information analysis capabilities.

ROMA is a Web environment tool based on ESRI Technology, designed to be easily integrated within the organization systems or consumed through pay per use modality (SaaS).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are the most appropriate technological platforms, due to the space component for the treatment, management and visualization of road assets.


ROMA responds to the above requirements as it allows to:

    • Provide a detailed inventory of geo-referenced items, ensuring the integrity between the graphic and alphanumeric information.
    • Provide query tools that show the state of infrastructure and therefore the incidents occurred.
    • Managing conservation tasks and incidents attendance given the geographical location and optimizing travelling expenses while generating work orders.
    • Inventory all events and incidents occurred: accidents, road management and use and defense.
    • Control the cost of the corrective and preventive maintenance tasks carried out on a particular asset or group of assets over a specific period of time.
    • Simulate and identify needs on pavement performance over time, based on the satus of pre-set indicators to optimize investments.


       Road Management System