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What do we offer?

Eptisa offers you the chance to be part of a business project in which you will be essential in its development. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally because in Eptisa the emphasis is on our people. Each and every one of our professionals adds value to our organization and our customers. That is the key to having a positive influence on the balance between private and professional life.


We are constantly completing our team in Eptisa, adding professionals of great worth who want to contribute towards our business adventure in a unique environment. For this reason, we are looking for people with different profiles and experience but with a series of values and capabilities, such as:

  • A solid academic and professional background
  • A good capacity for analysis with a pragmatic approach to our clients' challenges and problems.
  • Energy and passion for team work.
  • Commitment to your own personal and professional growth, with the development of Eptisa and, what is most important, adding a different value for our clients.

There is no one perfect candidate, because everyone is unique.

Professional Development

Eptisa has developed programmes for capturing and developing intellectual capture both inside and outside the company. These programmes and our policy of constant renewal of our intellectual capital enable us to guide our clients successfully through business initiatives.

Eptisa offers you the flexibility you need to optimize your professional capabilities, without sacrificing your personal interests and goals.


Do you want to play a decisive role in the engineering or development of new technologies in Spain and the whole world? Is your degree directly in or within the fields of Computing, Telecommunications, Engineering or Science or Technology? Send us your curriculum vitae and discover the possibilities of working in a global team. You can send your CV by e-mail to this address:

Thank you for your interest!