Ceyhan Waste Water and Storm Water Project opening ceremony held on January in Ceyhan, Turkey

Eptisa will carry out the Project Management and Construction Supervision Services, acting as ‘the Engineer’ under FIDIC Conditions of Contract, during this Technical Assistance and Capacity Building project

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The Ceyhan Waste Water and Storm Water Project is under the scope of the Environment Operational Programme - Instrument of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) for the Regional Development Component in Turkey and is co-financed by the EU and the Turkish Republic Government. The overall investment value for the project is 22,3 Million Euros.

The accelerated accession of Turkey to the EU requires the achievement a high level of environmental protection and compliance with the EU wastewater sector directives. The objective of the project is to support the improvements in storm water and waste water systems and establish a waste water management system for the Municipality of Ceyhan. This will reduce pollution loads to the Ceyhan River and meet the EU and Turkish quality standards, and consequently improve the conditions of health standards, environmental protection and municipal services for Turkish citizens.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • ­provision of technical assistance for administrative, financial and technical capacity building of Ceyhan Municipality and the modernisation of the water utility department to enable sound implementation of planned projects and improve financial and operational performance for water / wastewater services
  • ­supervision of the 1st phase construction works for waste water treatment plant and replacement of the existing collector
  • ­ construction of storm water drainage network for the existing area

The construction works, also implemented under IPA programme, are expected to be completed within 21 months. The End-Recipient of the Project is the Ceyhan Municipality, the authority for waste water treatment plant and the other infrastructure investments in the area. The Contracting Authority for the Project is the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation EU Investments Department.

The Opening Ceremony targeted to raise public awareness among local residents and relevant organisations in the region about the environment in general and most specificially this project, in support of the efforts of the Ceyhan Municipality to provide services for a healthy and sustainable environment.

The ceremony was attended by the representatives of the Ceyhan Municipality, Delegation of the European Union to Turkey, Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation EU Investments Department and local stakeholders NGOs as well as ‘Eptisa Mühendislik, CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH Ltd and Eptisa Servicios de Ingeniería S.L", the Consultant Consortium for the Supervision Services, and STRABAG and MPE as Contractors.

The ceremony had coverage in the local press. The news highlighted the message of EPTISA's Deputy General Manager for International, Mr. Jose Ignacio Soriano, from his speech addressing the participants of the ceremony and stating that “Eptisa will do the best for a successful completion of the project. We have implemented similar projects in Turkey in the past, but we approach every new project with a full ownership as if it was our first project. We are pleased to observe the successful outcome of our projects”.

 Ceyhan Waste Water and Storm Water Project opening ceremony held on January in Ceyhan, Turkey