Civil Engineering

Wide range of engineering services in all phases of the project life cycle, providing comprehensive support to the client and orientating our projects towards sustainability, ecological transition and territorial cohesion.

With extensive experience in the field of Civil Engineering, Eptisa offers services covering all phases of the project life cycle; from studies and basic and detailed engineering, to procurement management, works supervision and commissioning of facilities, as well as comprehensive turnkey projects and Project Management services.

Our solid track record of more than 30 years in contracts financed by IFI (WB, IDB, EBRD, EIB, ADB, etc.), has made our international vocation possible, with more than 200 projects around the world, and proven ability to manage large-scale multidisciplinary, local and global projects.

We have a largeteam of experts in different fields (design, supervision, monitoring, auscultation, quality control, etc.), who work in close collaboration with our Clients, in order to be able to respond to their needs with the best solutions and action plans.

Our continuous effort to add value to our projects, combining experience and innovation, has reinforced our leadership in the sector. In addition, our Smart Tech unit keeps us up to date with technological advances, allowing us to offer the best solutions available in all our projects


Specialists in innovative and sustainable solutions for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in any territorial environment: urban, inter-urban, coastal and international.

We offer solutions for all types of transportation, including roads, highways, rail infrastructures, ports and airports, maintaining the utmost attention to technical quality, economic optimisation, safety in construction and operation, functionality, respect for the environment and sustainability in each of our projects.

We work for safe, connected and sustainable mobility, reversing urban trends to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, guaranteeing social and territorial cohesion. In all processes we apply our cutting-edge knowledge in urban transformation and regeneration of public space and rely on advanced information systems and technologies for traffic management and smart urban mobility.

We provide support in transport logistics for both passengers and goods, as well as in the definition of an efficient supply chain management, logistics infrastructure planning, flow optimization and continuous improvement processes, applying the LEAN methodology in all our work.

In the field of public-private collaboration, we provide technical and economic-financial advisory services to public administrations, financial institutions, concessionaires and construction companies.

At Eptisa we are committed to digital transformation and the use of BIM methodology in our projects, a collaborative work tool for the management of the elements that form part of an infrastructure throughout its life cycle, allowing us to design, build and manage maintenance more efficiently and reduce costs.

Water Treatment

Extensive experience in all phases of the Integrated Water Cycle, from the planning of water resources in terms of quantity and quality, to hydraulic infrastructures and solutions to guarantee a sustainable water use in an environmentally friendly way.

We develop Hydrological Plans both at national and international level, participating in surface and groundwater resources management, drought management plans, automatic hydrological information systems (SAIH), SCADA, GIS and hydrological resource/demand models.

The safety and good condition of rivers and reservoirs is also an aspect of our main focus, focusing on flood prevention systems and models, environmental restoration of rivers, actions and studies for the safety of dams and reservoirs (operating rules, safety reviews and emergency plans for dams).

Our comprehensive water infrastructure projects cover all the works and installations from water catchment to the point of supply: dams and reservoirs, water intake works, water piping, canals, pumping stations and storage tanks and, finally, a system of piping networks for distribution according to use (supply and irrigation).

Eptisa’s presence in dam and hydroelectric development projects has continued from its inception to the present day, providing engineering services for all the components of the development: dam, hydraulic circuit, hydroelectric power plant and electromechanical equipment.

We are a leading company in the Water Quality and Treatment sector, thanks to our extensive experience in sewerage and sanitation networks, as well as in the construction of water treatment plants, including urban wastewater treatment (WWTP), reuse of treated urban wastewater, drinking water treatment (DWTP) and industrial wastewater treatment (IWWTP), seawater and brackish water desalination plants.

Building, Industry and Energy Projects

Comprehensive architectural and engineering services, accompanying our clients from the initial phases to the actual implementation and start-up of the project.

We develop highly complex technical building projects coordinating our own teams or in conjunction with external specialists (Health Centres, Control Centres, DPC, Research Laboratories, Stations and Airports, Shopping Centres, Offices, Administrative and Singular Buildings, etc.).

The interrelation and impact of the project on the environment, operability and functionality, energy efficiency and sustainability, CAPEX and OPEX analysis, quality of spaces and comfort, among others, are concepts developed in coordination with the Client and end user. All of this is accompanied by control and management to ensure that the project’s economic objectives and deadlines are met.

We manage and design projects in the field of industrial building for the aeronautical and ancillary sectors, the automotive and ancillary sectors, the logistics sector, and various types of production plants, where we advise our clients on the most optimal and efficient implementation of their process.

In the energy sector, Eptisa offers integration engineering and property management services for the development of both conventional and renewable energy facilities.

Environmental Engineering

Specialists in solutions for environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources.

We offer environmental solutions within the framework of the new global Circular Economy policies.

We have extensive experience in the management and treatment of solid urban, industrial and construction and demolition waste in landfills, sorting and treatment plants, composting plants and waste energy recovery plants. We also develop projects for waste management from extractive activities, both solid waste, tailings and mining effluents, and for the decommissioning of ponds, dams and mining dumps.

In the field of soil pollution, our services include site investigation campaigns, environmental due diligence reports, analysis of risks to human health derived from soil and groundwater contamination, as well as projects, technical assistance and rehabilitation and decontamination works for soils, river sediments and groundwater affected by contamination.

We also carry out environmental impact studies, landscape integration, master plans and projects for the rehabilitation of rivers and environmental restoration in any environment.


Extensive experience in all areas related to groundwater, from management, planning and protection of water resources and the environment, to hydrogeological support for civil engineering, industry, mining and construction.

In the field of planning and management of water resources, we participate in the development of Hydrological Plans and in the Management of the Public Hydraulic Domain, carrying out characterisation and synthesis studies of aquifers and Groundwater Bodies, implementation and operation of groundwater control networks, administrative processing of concessions and drought plans.

We have extensive experience in civil works assistance, from the planning and project phase through to construction and operation, taking into account both environmental aspects and the impact of groundwater flow on infrastructures, carrying out numerous works for the construction and maintenance of underground works, especially railway tunnels for high-speed lines and roads.

We offer solutions for the sustainable management and conservation of groundwater resources and the natural environment and ecosystems with which it is related, as well as plans for institutional strengthening in the fields of legislation, management and environmental control.

Ground Engineering

Specialists in geology, geotechnical, road and pavement services for all types of linear (roads, ports and airports), industrial, mining and hydraulic infrastructure, both nationally and internationally.

We offer services ranging from geological mapping, risk analysis, ground improvement treatments, tunnel design, geotechnical and pavement investigation campaigns and ad hoc designs of special pavements, to value engineering, expert consultancy in technical and sustainable solutions, expert reports, forensic engineering, R&D&I developments, Capex plans or Due Diligence.

Eptisa is an active member of several working groups with the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, the Provincial Council of Vizcaya, and expert committees at national level (Road Pavement Committee of the Technical Road Association, Subcommittee CTN140/SC7, Mining Waste Dams Committee), and international level (PIARC, World Road Association), with numerous publications of technical articles.

In the field of pavements, we have developed our own pavement management and optimisation software, and we also offer training courses to our clients. We also have extensive experience in the four continents (Africa, Asia, America and Europe ), studying and opening new markets, such as photocatalysis.

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