Who we are

Founded in 1956, Estudios y Proyectos Técnicos Industriales S.A. (EPTISA) is a multinational engineering, consulting, information technology and institutional, economic and social development company. Since our origin, we have remained firm in our commitment to offer high quality services to our clients and the professional development of our team.

Key figures







Over the past 25 years we have worked in our international expansion and are now present in more than 35 countries with a network of 30 local offices, allowing us to be close to our clients. Our international experience is backed by the more than 600 projects we have implemented abroad.






Quality services

The quality of our services makes us a benchmark company in the Transport Infrastructure, Water, Building, Industry and Energy, Public Policy Development, Environmental Solutions and Smart Tech sectors.

International Development

Our internationalization strategy is based on adapting our services to the characteristics of our clients and the countries in which we are present. This has allowed us to grow and expand the scope of our projects at the pace set by the evolution of our business partners.






Letter from our CEO

Eptisa is an Engineering Company with a long and successful business history. Founded in 1956 as the technical department of Banco Urquijo, it has subsequently undergone various business transformations that have given rise to the solid engineering consultancy company it is today, with more than a thousand employees and a presence in more than 35 countries around the world.

Since its beginnings in Banco Urquijo and without ever losing its technical and business character in the field of construction engineering, Eptisa has formed part of different organizations such as Banco Central, Arcadis, Maya (a company formed by a group of workers), Magnum and currently the multinational engineering group JSTI.

The company's character has evolved over the 65 years of its history, adapting to the requirements of the global infrastructure market in particular and society in general, although it has never lost its original technical and innovative character as the backbone of its existence.

It is an honour for me to have the opportunity to develop my work as CEO in a company with such a vast history and presence in the global infrastructure market.

We want a company with a fully defined technical and innovative identity, perfectly identifiable by clients, employees and collaborators. With the security of being able to reach all the markets in which we are present, the proximity of a local company and the solvency of a solid multinational company with a wide international presence. All this is what we already are, and it is what we want to strengthen even more in the future.

We have a commitment to our history and to society, and we do not want to fulfil it alone, we want to do it as a team, jointly, working side by side, making it a single, joint objective. This is the only way to achieve business improvement, using technology, innovation, teamwork and adaptation to any market.

And all this translates into a company that is young again, because of its desire and enthusiasm, expert again, because of its technology and history, flexible and open again, collaborative and open-minded. In short, a modern company adapted to the times, where every morning we are eager and proud to come to work and give our best. Together we will achieve it. Together for a better future.

Management Team

Mr. Yiran Mei has joined JSTI Group since January 2014. From 2014 he held various management positions in investment and administration within JSTI. His responsibilities over the years have included oversight of various functions such as legal, financing, Human Resource and information technology, assistant president, as well as mergers and acquisitions. In 2016, Mr. Mei was lead EPTISA and TestAmerican acquisitions. Mr. Mei holds bachelor’s degree from RMIT University and Master of international business degree from La Trobe University, both in Australia. Before joined JSTI, from 2008 to 2013, Mr. Mei was developed extensive knowledge of the alternative investments industry as the Investment Manager at Australia Westpac Bank.


Yiran Mei has been CEO of Eptisa since March 2022.

Luis Villarroya, Civil Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and MBA from Northwestern University in Chicago, is President of EPTISA and member of the Board of Directors of TECNIBERIA.

During his professional career, he has also been President of TECNIBERIA (Spanish Association of Engineering Companies), member of the Executive Committee of FEPAC (Pan-American Federation of Consultants), Vice President and member of the Board of FIDIC, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Exporters and Investors Club, member of the Advisory Board of the Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation (FCAS) of the State Secretariat for International Cooperation attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation and member of the Strategic Orientation Council ICEX Spain Export and Investment (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism).

Xiaoning Zhu is a Senior Transportation Engineer from Southeast University in Nanjing (China).

He has been Executive Vice President of EPTISA since July 2020, as well as a member of the Board of Directors and CEO of JSTI.

Previously, he served as CEO of EPTISA, Deputy Director of the 1st Road and Bridge Department, Director of the 3rd Road and Bridge Department, General Manager of Changzhou Traffic Supervision Company and Changzhou Traffic Planning and Design Institute, and Director of the Bridge Department of JSTI.

Laura Gorrachategui holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Santander and a postgraduate degree in Management from IE Business School.

She is currently a member of the Internal Market Committee of EFCA (European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations). With more than 24 years of national and international experience in the Civil Works Infrastructure sector, Laura has been the Executive Director of Civil Engineering at EPTISA since September 2020.

In 2006 she joined the company as Project Manager and has managed large -scale singular projects with multidisciplinary teams all over the world (UK Ireland, Portugal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Israel, Turkey, Bolivia, etc.). In recent years, before heading the Civil Engineering business department, she has held various positions of responsibility within Eptisa’s Transport branch.

Ignasi Cantarell holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and an MBA from ESADE Business and Law School.

Ignasi is the Executive Director of Quality Control at EPTISA.

He has spent his entire professional career in the company, which he joined in 1983 and where he has held various positions of responsibility for more than 30 years.

Ignasi has been a member of various business organisations on behalf of EPTISA, where he has been a member of the bodies of the Transport Infrastructures sector and the challenges it faces.

Bárbara García Materos has a degree in Business Administration, a postgraduate degree in International Trade and work experience in Morocco, where she worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

Bárbara is Executive Director of Public Policy Development at EPTISA.

With 20 years of experience, Bárbara has focused her professional career on the fields of development cooperation, public financial management, governance and public administration reform, as well as environmental sustainability and climate change, which has allowed her to work closely with organisations such as the European Union, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and other multilateral agencies.

Chao Wang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Auditing/Accounting and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Washington State University, USA.

He has worked in various business sectors, commercial real estate development, medical device manufacturing and engineering consulting services.

Chao Wang has been CFO of EPTISA since August 2021. Previously, he held the position of senior financial analyst at JSTI Group, the holding company to which EPTISA belongs.

Chao Wang is a certified public accountant in Washington State (USA).

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to apply our know-how, creativity, innovation and the latest technologies to move towards a sustainable development of society that has a positive impact on the well-being of people:


At EPTISA we understand our role as a fundamental element in the sustainable development of the society we serve. With our work we transcend the mere technical concept and become actively involved in the social fabric. All of this has positioned us as a point of reference for the future of the engineering sector and the development of infrastructures in the countries in which we work.


The development of our employees is a fundamental element of our business mission, which is why we continuously improve the personal, technical and managerial skills of our team. EPTISA’s Human Resources management plans are based on two principles: the well-being of people in the workplace and providing job opportunities that allow our employees to develop as people and professionals.

To this end, in all our activities, we adopt the values of Transparency, Honesty, Efficiency, Creativity, Security and Responsibility as pillars, both in relation to our clients and to society in general.


The vocation of comprehensive customer service is the main value that makes EPTISA a global company. Customer satisfaction and the search for excellence in our work are the main objectives in the quality procedures of all the services we offer.

To this end, in all our activities, we adopt the values of Transparency, Honesty, Efficiency, Creativity, Security and Responsibility as pillars, both in relation to our clients and to society in general.


The services we provide at EPTISA are based on the innovation and technical knowledge of our team of professionals. Investment in R&D, creative management and development plans in new technologies result in a better service for our clients.


At EPTISA we believe that the development of our work entails a responsibility towards society. Our social commitment grows every year and is the basis of the trust that our clients and collaborators place in us.

Implementation of Good Corporate Governance

The implementation of good corporate governance practices has a direct impact on the generation of trust, security and value.

Commitment to People

The well-being and professional development of people is a commitment at Eptisa.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Eptisa is committed to developing solutions to guarantee the socio-environmental sustainability of our planet and improve the development of society.

Commitment to Quality

EPTISA’s commitment to quality in management is translated into continuous improvement plans that form part of its business strategy. The company’s management understands quality as the appropriate management of all resources to achieve optimum results, and thus ensure the achievement of excellence in the provision of services to customers.

Commitment to the Social Environment

The company is a major player in the development of society, both through the provision of services, the execution of works and the supply of equipment and through the transfer of know-how, technology and management capacity to the most disadvantaged areas of the planet.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation as a basic pillar of the evolution of civilisation.

JSTI Group

EPTISA was integrated into the Chinese JSTI Group in 2016. JSTI is one of the largest engineering consulting companies in the world. Among its commitments is the creation of a more sustainable built environment.

JSTI is a comprehensive infrastructure solutions provider serving a wide range of industries globally. It has established branches in more than 30 regions and has been involved in projects in more than 50 countries.

Its work has received international recognition and ranks among the best-known and most profitable international consultancies. In 2019, according to the Engineering News Record (ENR), they were ranked 46th in the Top 150 Global Engineering Design Companies, while in the Top 225 International Design Firms ranking they were ranked 44th.

JSTI covers all aspects of construction. Whether in isolated rural landscapes or densely populated urban centres, JSTI projects have a positive impact on people’s lives while protecting, respecting and supporting the environment.