Together for a better future

Together for a better future




Empresa Nacional de Electricidad de Bolivia (ENDE)





Final Design for the Rositas Hydroelectric Plant in Bolivia

We worked on the consultancy for final design and tendering documents for construction of the Rositas Hydroelectric Power Station for the National Electricity Company of Bolivia (ENDE), a project that aimed to raise the electric power production figures, increase agricultural production, raise the income and employment levels in the region, organize settlements in uninhabited areas and drive the supply of drinking water.

Eptisa was responsible for producing the documentation required to enable the tendering and construction processes and for drafting the Technical-financial and Environmental Feasibility Project for the second hydroelectric power station on the Rio Grande. The works included conducting the basic mapping and topography, geology and geomorphology, climatology, hydrology and hydro-sedimentary studies, the specific environmental studies and review and update of the Rositas Rio Grande Hydroelectric Project Feasibility Study and the Rio Grande Hydroelectric Development Pre-feasibility Study with an analysis of 6 alternative dams for selection of an additional hydroelectric project.

The planned works consisted of an earth dam with clay core with a height of 156 m. from the riverbed, a crest length of 655 meters and a volume of 15.3 km3. It was also equipped with a spillway consisting of 9 no. 11-m. spans regulated by gates. The planned total installed capacity was 600 MW and the annual average power 3,040 GWh/year.

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