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Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) projects and programs financed by the European Union for Africa

External Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) reviews and support missions concerning projects and programs financed by the European Union for Africa

The ROM system, implemented by external contractors and experts, is to support EUD and EC HQ services in their monitoring and reporting functions. The services provided include the performance of review missions with respect to projects and programmes under implementation as well as missions to support end-of-project reporting on results. The services also comprise consolidated analysis of the individual project reviews and results reporting support missions, to be laid down in annual reports to be drawn up by the ROM contractors.

The purpose of the assignment is to organize and carry out ROM reviews and support, in accordance with the ROM Handbook, with a view to assist EC services and EUDs with respect to the monitoring of and reporting on european funded projects.

This lot covers the EU funded national and regional projects and programs whether single or multi-country financed by the EU for the sub-Saharan African region including intra-ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) and pan-African programs. It covers projects and programs financed by the European Development Fund (EDF) and the EU budget.

Description of actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:

  • ROM reviews of projects signaled as having implementation problems and where EC services have identified a need for an outside expert review to assist in addressing the problems, identifying causes and options for solution and making recommendations.
  • ROM reviews of other projects for which such ROM reviews may have a particular usefulness.
  • ROM reviews of BS programs: in countries where a BS programs is signaled as having implementation problems.
  • ROM support to end of project reporting on results (outputs and direct outcomes), including for BS programs.
  • Internal and external quality documentation.

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