Public Policies Development

Since 1996, Eptisa has had a division specialising in development cooperation bringing together knowledge from different sectors with specific methodologies

Eptisa has a wide experience providing services in the field of social and economic development as well as environment, governance and public administration reform. This experience has been focused on Latin America and the Caribbean States, Maghreb and Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. More recently some activities have been developed in Western Europe as well.

The technical assistance activities implemented are commissioned by international financial institutions and organizations such as the European Commission, the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and other multilateral and bilateral institutions.

The association with other technical skills of the company allows Eptisa to develop different projects and programmes with a holistic view integrating social, environmental and governance aspects.

As a consequence, the company has become a leading firm that provides institutional technical assistance, conducts studies and has a wide experience in different aid modalities and instruments. Over the years, our capacity building approach has guaranteed the quality of our intervention, ensuring specific technical cooperation support.

In addition, Eptisa has positioned itself as one of the leading consulting firms providing general and sectoral budget support.

Since 1996, Eptisa has carried out more than 70 interventions in the above-mentioned sectors and has supported several local institutions in the implementation of policies, projects and programmes with the aim of potentiating human and organizational development.


Support to institutions in their improvement processes to reinforce the human development conditions of their population

Eptisa has accumulated experience in different sectors related to Governance that can be encompassed in a series of topics: support to public administration reform, strengthening of policies, interventions orientated to improve social cohesion and especially institutional improvement in different sectors.

The purpose of Eptisa in this area is to support the efforts of national institutions to enhance good government, in other words, the improvement of institutional performance with the aim to offer a better service to citizens. Aspects such as citizens and civil society’s participation and attention to their demands, the strengthening of legality and legal frameworks, the promotion of public transparency, the creation of consensus, the effectiveness and efficiency of policies and integration of equity principles, are the guiding precepts of our action.


Economic Development and Public Finance Management

The management of public finances is a key element in the functioning of the public administration and the quality of the services that the state provides to its citizens

Eptisa is committed to providing technical support to administrations that have the will to improve their capacities in this area by accompanying them in a process of improving management approaches and procedures.

On the other hand, the knowledge and experience acquired by the company in the instrumental part of other modalities of implementation of Development Assistance such as Budgetary Support is noteworthy.

Public Finance Management

  • Macroeconomic forecasting
  • Medium Term Fiscal Framework (MTFF)
  • Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)
  • National Budget Cycle Management
  • Transparency, accountability and fight against corruption
  • PFM reform action plans
  • Support to National Planning Systems
  • Design and implementation of PFM Systems & Statistics
  • Supporting the implementation of General Budget Support (GBS), Sector Policy Support Programme (SPSP) and State Building Con


Technical Assistance for Budget Support Programs

  • Support for the implementation of Public Budgets
  • Support Programs for Sector Policies and support for development and poverty reduction strategies

Sustainable Urban Development

Eptisa has the necessary capacity to implement sustainability improvement programs in different countries and regions

Sustainability has become a global paradigm. The transfer of some of the planetary limits regarding the use of natural resources and the growing increase in the world population, especially in the case of emerging and developing countries, is configuring a new scenario in which a coordinated action is demanded from all countries.

International organizations advocate for a global alliance to address these problems that already have a transnational nature. There are already numerous efforts in the form of programs that are aimed at addressing these problems and, ultimately, tending towards a change in the economic model where environmental and social issues acquire a new relevance.

In this context, Eptisa has well-positioned capacities to respond to the demand of countries and regions and of organizations that need technical partners to implement their sustainability improvement programs.

The integration of the company’s traditional engineering activities and those of information, instrumentation and control systems as well as those of public policy development make us a unique company with complementary capabilities and well orientated to the needs and demands of the market and the society of the future.

Eptisa presents capacities in issues related to the fight against climate change, urban development both from the point of view of sustainability but also of social innovation and the integration of socio-environmental approaches in infrastructure projects or in productive activities.

Its main areas of activity include:

Climate change

  • Definition of adaptation and mitigation plans
  • Analysis of climate risk
  • Energy efficiency and reduction of carbon footprint
  • Disasters risk reduction measures
  • Early warning systems


Sustainable Urban Development & Social Innovation

  • Urban development programs
  • Investment plans for sustainability
  • Social investment plans
  • Public participation processes
  • ICT and socio-environmental innovation


Socio-Environmental Approaches

  • Socio-environmental diagnostics
  • Analysis of local development contribution
  • Integration of socio-environmental aspects
  • Support for the establishment and management of alliances
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