Quality control

Our laboratory network meets the needs of our clients in civil construction, building, industry and environment.

Throughout its more than 60 years of activity, Eptisa has become one of the main entities of quality control and environmental consulting in the Spanish market. We have participated in large projects, both in the area of civil construction and in buildings and industry, covering the entire construction process from the design phase to construction itself, reception and useful life of the works.

We have a large network of accredited laboratories in Spain, where an assurance of quality management system has been implemented that defines the procedures and inspection methods that we use in our activity. This, together with our capacity, staff, and adequate equipment, allows us to provide our clients the best possible service.

All staff working in Eptisa’s laboratories have the knowledge and practice needed to establish the different regulations governing the execution of the services we offer (UNE, EN, ISO, ASTM, etc.), which allow us to adapt and develop any type of activity regardless of location or work.

All of our offices participate in the development of new information technologies, making on-line links available to our clients with which they can obtain the information and results of tests that affect them practically in real time (Informeslab ®), increasing the efficiency of the process due to the need for immediate decision making based on the data obtained in the tests.

Beyond the technical aspects of our work, we recognise the role of our laboratories as a fundamental factor in the sustainable development of society, contributing to the improvement of infrastructure in the sector and to a greater extent to social welfare in the countries where we work.


The network of accredited and registered laboratories allows us to meet the requirements of our customers both nationally and internationally.

Our services

  • Geotechnical and hydrogeological studies and reports
  • Pathology studies
  • Technical advice
  • Inspection of dwellings
  • Inspection of public premises
  • Laboratory tests, among others, also taking samples, tests and on-site tests, in the fields of:
    • Mass and reinforced concrete and its components
    • Steel
    • Agglomerates
    • Soils
    • Geotechnics
    • Building materials
    • Service tests on installations

Activities and Accreditations

Registered testing laboratories for building quality control in accordance with the groups established in Royal Decree 410/2010: geotechnics, roads, service tests, structural concrete structures, structural steel structures and masonry works:

  • Castilla y León: León y Valladolid
  • Cataluña: Cerdanyola del Vallés, Girona y Vilaseca
  • Galicia: Coruña y Vigo
  • País Vasco: Basauri

Control entities registered for building quality control in accordance with the groups established in Royal Decree 410/2010: studies of the land and the state of conservation of buildings, verification of compliance with the CTE and other applicable regulations in newly constructed buildings and their refurbishment, assessment of the performance of the building throughout its useful life, supervision of the certification of the energy efficiency of buildings and assessment of the sustainability, functional and spatial performance of buildings

Environment Care

Our Company develops all kinds of activities in the field of environmental control.

Our services

Contaminated soils and groundwater pollution:

  • Contaminated soil investigation and technical studies
  • Risk analysis
  • Preliminary situation reports and status reports
  • Planning and execution of decontamination works at contaminated sites
  • Supervision of decontamination works
  • Verification and certification of remaining soil quality after decontamination
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring piezometer networks

Characterisation of marine sediments:

  • Guidelines for the characterisation of dredged material and its relocation in waters of the maritime-terrestrial public domain.
  • Chemical and biological characterisation
  • Classification of dredged material
  • Dredging projects and material management
  • Evaluation of dredged material management options

Environmental monitoring and assessment

  • Environmental monitoring during the implementation phase
  • Supervision of the correct implementation of environmental measures
  • Determining the need to remove, modify or introduce new measures
  • Checking the effectiveness of the measures taken

Accreditations and Acknowledgements

Eptisa is accredited by ENAC in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO/IEC 17020 Standard as an Environmental Inspection Entity for the investigation of the quality of contaminated soil and groundwater.

In addition, Eptisa is an Authorised Control Body for various regional administrations in the field of environmental quality in the fields of potentially contaminated soils and groundwater. Galicia: Organismo de Control Autorizado (OCA).