Smart Tech

Smart Tech has teams of experts in each sector who are 100% dedicated to solving problems and innovating to improve the service it offers to other organizations.

Eptisa has acquired a great deal of experience in applied technologies combining the knowledge of two areas of specialization: Information Technologies, dedicated to providing consulting services and the development and implementation of solutions; and Instrumentation and Control Engineering dedicated to the auscultation, surveillance and security of infrastructures, to control the structural behavior and its evolution, the detection of damages, pathologies, preventive maintenance strategies and operation of civil infrastructures and networks throughout their useful life .

Due to our extensive experience, we can offer global and integrated solutions based on the union of our skills and experiences, covering all phases of the project, from analysis, provisioning and implementation, commissioning and testing, to the generation of content and the system maintenance.

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions for all sectors through the introduction of extensive information and management systems that increase productivity and competitiveness of organizations.

Auscultation, Surveillance and Security of Infrastructures

We offer integrated solutions for the monitoring, inspection, surveillance and control of structural behavior, throughout the life cycle of infrastructures.

We are, since 1982, a company dedicated to the integration of monitoring and control systems, incorporating data technologies, acquisition, instrumentation, communications and management software. We carry out all the phases that these systems require, from their definition and project engineering to their final commissioning, covering the successive phases of design, manufacture, construction, supply, installation, commissioning, monitoring, training and preparation of staff and maintenance.

We are experts in engineering to measure the parameters that are involved in civil, environmental or industrial construction processes. We operate in the Water, Transport, Energy and Building sectors, for both public and private clients, incorporating the latest market technologies and providing our own innovative solutions.

In the field of dams, ponds, canals and hydraulic works, we offer monitoring and surveillance services, from the construction and filling phase to the exploitation and decommissioning phases. We implement and maintain Automated Auscultation Systems and Emergency Plans with Warning Systems to the population and we perform structural behavior monitoring services and reports, following the Technical Standards for Dam Safety.

We carry out auscultation of underground and geotechnical works, including tunnels, cuttings, embankments, unstable slopes, maritime works and mining waste ponds. In urban environments, we provide monitoring and control services for singular buildings, metropolitan tunnels, collectors and galleries, shielded enclosures and real-time monitoring of affected environments, incorporating a variety of technologies: robotic topography, GNSS, INSAR satellite movement control, laser scanner, inspection and control flights with drones and distributed and automated sensor networks with wireless communications.

We have dynamic and special test systems for carrying out stress testers on viaducts and structures, as well as tests on the behavior of wind turbine foundations, test cells for high-speed railway platforms, noise and vibration control, seismic control networks or distributed control systems with fibre optic sensors. We also have technical equipment and expert personnel for the inspection of structures and foundations.

Searching Technologies

Innovative solutions in search of content to improve productivity and competitiveness in organizations.

In Eptisa we are experts in the implementation of advanced search solutions that use technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing or machine learning to index, process, understand, organize and consult content from multiple data sources; facilitating access to an organization’s information by its customers, as well as supporting decision-making in the organization’s business. The objective is to obtain the right information at the right time, in a simple and relevant way.

With more than 300 references in the public and private sector, Eptisa has established itself as the leading information search Services Company in Spain, offering industry-leading products tailored to the needs of its customers.

Our solutions can be customized to the specific needs of each client. We work with the most advanced and consolidated products on the market such as: Google Cloud, COVEO, Mindbreeze or ElasticSearch.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We are a leading company, with more than 30 years of experience, in the Design, Development and Implementation of Corporate Geographic Information Systems adapted to each sector, as well as associated consultancy, training and support services.

Eptisa Tecnologías de la Información, S.A. has been a Business Partner of Esri’s GIS technology since 1991 within the GOLD category of EPN (Esri Partner Network), which certifies it as a certified partner of Esri to undertake projects at an international level.

We provide technological solutions in both the public and private sectors: Environment, Urban Planning, Agriculture, Tourism, Emergencies and Utilities.

Eptisa Tecnologías de la Información, S.A. is certified in the Utility Network speciality to undertake projects with this technology in water, gas and electricity companies.

Smart Cities

Eptisa provides services for all city transformation processes.

In Eptisa we develop tailor-made solutions for the improvement of public administration services, using the most advanced technologies and developing innovative tools for the management of cities and territories.

Thanks to the efforts made over many years, Eptisa has become a benchmark in Spain. Our solutions are applied in different fields of activity (land and infrastructure management, urban planning, land registry management, mobility, security and emergencies, municipal water and sanitation networks, waste management, etc.).

We collaborate with cities in the design and implementation of innovative projects, in improving sustainability and the quality of urban life through the analysis of spatial data and our knowledge of infrastructures. We also accompany cities in the design of strategies for the search for funding and its application in urban regeneration projects.

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