Together for a better future

Together for a better future


🌿 Reflections on the Regional Green Energy Conference in Albania 🌍

Last week, EPTISA had the privilege of participating in the Regional Energy Transition Towards the Green Agenda conference in Tirana. Our journey through the conference was not just a professional endeavor but an affirmation of our dedication to sustainability and our deep-rooted presence in the Balkans since 2002.

Here’s a snapshot of the key highlights:

🔹 Policy Perspectives: Insights from policymakers and international organizations shed light on energy security and policy issues in Albania and the Western Balkans.

🔹 Market Dynamics: Discussions on market cooperation, carbon pricing, and investment climate stability underscored the importance of collaborative efforts in shaping the future energy market.

🔹 Industry Insights: Direct insights from energy developers and investors highlighted challenges and opportunities for sustainable energy projects in Albania.

🔹 International Collaboration: One of the highlights was witnessing the elevated interest of Spanish and UK investors in Albanian energy potential, but not limited to. It emphasized the significance of global collaboration in advancing our green initiatives.

As we reflect on this transformative conference, we’re more committed than ever to advancing the green energy agenda. Thank you to the organizers and participants for a successful event!