Together for a better future

Together for a better future


2023 Annual Summary Conference of JSTI Group

2023 Annual Summary Conference of JSTI Group to which Eptisa belongs, entitled “Thinking Change – Acting towards the New”, was held in Nanjing on 2 February.

The Group’s management team reported on the implementation of the strategies and achievement of the objectives in 2023 and on the key tasks and strategic initiatives in 2024. Mauricio Gómez Villarino had a prominent participation as CEO of Eptisa.

The meeting focused on how the organisation can gain strength and momentum to navigate new directions; focus on customers and provide them with reliable services; insist on achieving quality and efficiency in different business and management areas; and make progress in resilience and share a vision for the future, in order to become a world leading technology company in the field of infrastructure.

In the words of JSTI’s President:

“For this, JSTI Group will renew its traditional business, expand its emerging business, cultivate its future business, enhance the resilience and competitiveness of its business process and continue to create value for its customers; adhere to the implementation of the new strategy, exceed the upper limit of its capabilities and build the most influential think-tank technology platform in the industry. It will also build an organisational structure, mechanism and environment to attract and employ talents, ignite the “strong engine” of innovation and accelerate the development of new productivity. In short, we will always maintain our strategic strength, strengthen our organisational resilience and walk towards a limitless future.”