Together for a better future

Together for a better future


Award: Study of Alternatives and Construction Project of access between station platforms

Eptisa in a joint venture with PROES and AIRTREN has been awarded the ADIF Contract for the drafting of the Study of Alternatives and Construction Project of crossings between train platforms. Lot 2: Basque Country.

The contract consists of improving safety in the crossings between platforms of the following 10 train stations: Araia, Alegria-Dulantzi, Nanclares Langraiz, Iñarratxu, Basauri, Ollargan, Ventas de Irún, Bakiola, Ormaiztegui and Brinkola. Initially a study of alternatives will be carried out and then the corresponding construction project for a specific level crossing between passenger platforms for each of the above stations will be developed. These projects will include the removal or closing to normal use of the existing level crossings, allowing access only for service or emergency evacuation.

The stations are distributed within the suburban lines C-1 in San Sebastián and C-3 in Bilbao and on line 100, Madrid-Hendaya.

The structures necessary for the provision of crossings at different levels will be provided in existing stations that, depending on their current conditions, will have to be remodeled to a greater or lesser degree, sometimes affecting the sidings facilities and platforms. Therefore these are multidisciplinary projects that affect the architecture of the stations, the station facilities, their environmental integration, the railway infrastructure, and their local functionality throughout the line during and after the execution of the works.