Together for a better future

Together for a better future


JSTI Group’s Annual Awards Ceremony

Last week it was held the JSTI Group’s Annual Awards Ceremony 2023.

The ceremony began with these words:

“When the wind blows hard, it will be time to set sail and when the drums beat, we will set sail. We will continue to be guided by customers’ needs, break through business boundaries, strengthen our roots with our professional expertise and respond to changes with continuous innovation; we will gather talents, insist, stimulate organisational vitality to the fullest, and continue to strive for high-quality development.

In JSTI Group, each employee is like a shining star and when they work together, they become a river of shining stars. Gathering wisdom and strength, drawing a new world full of infinite possibilities.”

Excellent Employee Recognition Award

Defying wind and rain, looking out for each other, facing challenges and overcoming difficulties, the organisation’s achievements are based on the fulfilment of our mission and are the legacy of excellence. They are our backbone.

The award winners in this category on behalf of Eptisa were:

  • Almudena Aguado – Valladolid Laboratory – Spain
  • Andrés Vicente Zapata – Instrumentation and Control Engineering – Spain
  • Boris Scekic – Balkans Delegation – Serbia
  • Daniela Lipan – Delegation of Romania
  • Gökçe Okyay – Delegation of Turkey
  • Irama San Millán – Public Policy Development – Spain
  • Isaac Bisús Montagut – Transport – Bolivia
  • Majid Imran – Delegation of India
  • Nebyi Gebremariam Desta – Delegation of Africa – Ethiopia
  • Teona Aptsiauri – Delegation of Georgia



Excellent Project Manager Award

Behind the thick drawings hide their countless days and nights of hard work and tireless efforts. These drawings bear witness to their hard work and wisdom, to the spring, summer, autumn and winter of their dedication. The success of each project is inseparable from the unique wisdom and strength that the Project Managers bring to the organisation. It is thanks to their efforts that the Group has become bright and prosperous.

  • Javier Vázquez Rodríguez – Delegation of Galicia – Spain



The years are rushing by, time is passing, on the long river of history, we walk with the times and witness every wondrous moment. Looking back to 2023, we work together to write a monumental chapter. Moving forward, the future is brighter. When the New Year’s bell rings, the blessing of spring comes quietly. The dawn begins to appear, it will come as promised, splashed across the land. Let us walk side by side to create a better future!