Together for a better future

Together for a better future


New contract award – Ourense Intermodal Station (Spain)

Eptisa, in a joint venture with Eurocontrol, has been awarded the contract for the “Consultancy and technical assistance for the control of the works of the construction project of the new intermodal station of Ourense”.

The Technical Assistance contract includes the supervision of the works defined in 2 projects. Both are developed in the municipality of Ourense, in the land corresponding to the current station:

  • The “PROJECT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF NEW OURENSE INTERMODAL STATION AND WALKING BRIDGE” aims to provide the Ourense railway station with the facilities with the capacity and conditions necessary for the arrival of high-speed rail to Galicia. Likewise, in order to meet the new passenger demand, the remodelling, redistribution of spaces and enlargement of the current passenger building is considered necessary, as well as the reorganisation of the station square and its accesses.
  • The “NEW OURENSE INTERMODAL STATION CONSTRUCTION PROJECT. COVERING OF THE TRACK BED. STRUCTURE AND URBANIZATION” has as its objective the execution of the civil works that will allow for a partial covering of the track bed in the length strictly necessary to reduce the levels of noise and vibrations in the nearby buildings derived exclusively from the foreseen increase in railway traffic, as well as including the additional actions necessary for the integration of the previous covering in the urban fabric and for the use of the whole of the resulting new surface on the tracks as a public space.

The purpose of the contract is to provide assistance and consultancy services to provide the necessary technical and financial support to the Works Manager in the monitoring and control of the correct execution of the works in accordance with the quality, environmental and safety conditions established in the regulations in force, in the construction projects and in accordance with the Environmental, Quality and Health and Safety Management Plans approved by ADIF (Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administrator).