Together for a better future

Together for a better future


Supervision of construction works on sections of the Corridor X Motorway during the defect reporting period

The Republic of Serbia, thanks to funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank and the European Investment Bank, has been able to carry out several construction and rehabilitation projects of its road network, in order to enable sustainable economic development and to secure the country’s capital position as a key transit country in the trans-European network, as well as to increase transport efficiency and improve traffic safety in Serbia.

In April 2020, Eptisa started its commitment and demonstrated its full dedication to providing technical services for several sections of the Corridor X motorway.

This has led to Eptisa being selected again in January 2024 and signing a new contract that aims to continue the construction/reconstruction supervision construction/reconstruction and DNPs follow up activities of the following Works Contracts:

  • Plant design, procurement and installation of mechanical, electrical and IT equipment for the Sarlah, Sopot and Bancarevo Tunnels;
  • Construction of the parallel non-commercial road Bela Palanka – Pirot (West);
  • Construction of State Road IIa order no. 259: interchange Malca – intersection Prosek;
  • Extension and reconstruction of the Niš regional center;
  • Improvement of the state road Ia order – A1 (E75): Horgos – Novi Sad (right lane);
  • Construction of the de-levelled intersection Sopot (Highway E80);
  • Completion of the construction of the Batajnica loop (Highway E75);
  • Reconstruction of the Sarajevo Bridge and construction of the Graovo Bridge (with access roads);
  • Construction of the remaining access roads to Sarajevo Bridge and Graovo Bridge.

In the following 36 months Eptisa, with the team engineers will continue to provide the following services:

  • Advising and supporting the Client in relation to the administration of the Works Contract with due diligence, ensuring that the Client’s obligations set out in the project financing documents are properly met.
  • Performing the duties of the Engineer according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract (Pink and/or Yellow Books).
  • Performing the function of Professional Supervision in accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia.