Together for a better future

Together for a better future


The new bike lane between Pablo Picasso and the roundabout of the Elviña market, for the City Council of A Coruña, has been completed

Eptisa has carried out the Project and the Construction Management.

This week the execution works of the new bike lane that joins the existing ones in Pablo Picasso and the roundabout next to the Elviña market, crossing the Paxariñas roundabout, have been completed.

This action was part of the EIDUS Bicycle Mobility Promotion Program. In this way, the City Council of A Coruña seeks to continue its sustainable mobility model and establish long-distance routes that allow citizens to reach different parts of the city.

The project involved an intervention in 1,200 square meters to install 480 meters of one-way bike lane and 170 meters of bi-directional section, which add up to a total of almost 800 meters of new cycling routes.

This bike lane connects two routes of the existing cycling network: those of Salgado Torres, Pablo Picasso, UDC and Ramón y Cajal and Matogrande.

Both infrastructures were not efficiently connected, especially due to the problem posed by the Paxariñas roundabout crossing, due to the high volume of traffic and heavy vehicles, which made it an unattractive route for cyclists.

The works have consisted of the construction of the new bike lane, the rearrangement of pedestrian spaces and green areas, the installation of elevated pedestrian crossings in the Alfonso Molina branches to reduce traffic, the installation of signaling and beaconing elements to guarantee the Adequate security for the coexistence between means of transport, the placement of traffic lights to regulate the bicycle, the relocation and improvement of pedestrian crossings, the improvement of accessibility and the conditioning of the bus stop on Álvaro Cunqueiro street.

On the other hand, this action was accompanied by improvements in accessibility and the humanization of the environment. Crossings have been widened to improve visibility.

The pedestrian itineraries were also extended and the sidewalks were renewed.